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Ice Cream Flavors

Flavors that are starred are what we have available this week!

Traffic Cone Blues 

Blueberry Muffin Ice cream and chocolate-covered waffle cones with a lane of blueberry swirl

Amaretto Cherry 

Amaretto-flavored ice cream loaded with cherries and chocolate shreds


Smooth, pure chocolate ice cream

Cookie Jar 

Our Famous O-O-Oreo ice cream with frosted circus cookies, M&M's, and Chocolate chip cookie dough

Mocha Almond Fudge 

Coffee ice cream, butter fudge swirl & chocolate-covered almonds

Apple Crisp

Cinnamon-apple ice cream layered with oatmeal crisp, and topped with brown Betty swirl  

Lemon Cheesecake Bar 

Lemon cheesecake bar ice cream with cheesecake chunks and graham cracker crust swirl 

Jacked Up Tennessee Toffee

Toffee ice cream laced with smooth whiskey sweet sauce and garnished with toffee bars  

Anniversary Cake 

Grandma's Yellow Cake batter ice cream, full of cake bits and colorful frosting chunks


Mackinac Island Fudge

Vanilla ice cream and butter fudge swirl, with our large chewie fudge pieces


Pistachio Almond

Pistachio nut-flavored ice cream with crisp, toasted almonds 

Puppy Chow

Peanut butter ice cream with a chocolate ribbon & crunchy “puppy chow” treats

Bear Claws 

Dark chocolate ice cream swirled with a heavy caramel and loaded with chocolate-coated cashews

Nana’s Banana Pudding

Banana pudding ice cream swirled with marshmallow crème & vanilla cookies

Chocolate Covered Strawberry 

Strawberry ice cream mixed with crispy layers of dark chocolate

Caramel Moose Tracks

Caramel ice cream with moose tracks®️ fudge & caramel-filled cups

Play Dough

A bright yellow vanilla ice cream with chunks of red & blue play dough (cookie dough)


Pink bubblegum flavored ice cream with pieces of bubblegum


Chocolate Chip 

Vanilla ice cream with tons of chocolate chip morsels

Majestic Milky Way

Chocolate flakes blended with a caramel fudge ribbon in milk chocolate ice cream


Eskimo Kisses

Cool, coconut ice cream kissed with chocolate truffles & warmed by a thick blanket of fudge

Cookie Dough

Chocolate chip cookie dough flavored ice cream, home-style cookie dough, and chocolate chip morsels


Peppermint ice cream with Oreo cookies and chips of peppermint bark 

Raspberry Chip Cheesecake

Our creamy cheesecake ice cream with raspberry swirl & loaded with chocolate chip flakes

Carrot Cake 

Cinnamon ice cream with cream cheese frosting & carrot cake slices

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup 

Chocolate ice cream with a rich peanut butter ripple and chocolate peanut butter cups

Gold Rush 

Golden vanilla & chocolate ice cream swirled with thick caramel

Blue Moon 

Traditional nutty & fruity flavored bright blue ice cream

Maple Walnut Blondie 

Vanilla ice cream with maple butter sauce, blonde brownies & walnuts

Moose Tracks®️

Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks®️ fudge


Pumpkin Pie Supreme 

Creamy, pumpkin spice ice cream with a crunchy pie crust and whipped cream swirl

Dutch Cookie 

Vanilla ice cream with spiced cookie swirl and windmill cookie pieces

Maple Walnut Blondie 

Vanilla ice cream with maple butter sauce, blonde brownies & walnuts

Fruity Loop

Fruit loop flavored ice cream

Dairy-Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Dairy-free vanilla ice cream with cookie dough chunks

Cool Mint Cookie 

Mint ice cream with chocolate-covered mint cookie balls & a chocolate cookie fudge swirl 

Peanut Butter Bull’s Eye

Peanut butter & chocolate ice cream merged with peanut butter buckeye candies


Salty Jack

Salty caramel ice cream with salted caramel swirl & butter-toasted peanuts

Butter Pecan 

Creamy, buttery ice cream and lots of pecan halves


Old-fashioned orange pineapple ice cream with real crushed pineapple

Lemon Sorbet 

A refreshing, non-dairy, non-fat lemon dessert

Egg Nog 

Creamy, egg-nog-flavored ice cream

NSA Cherry Vanilla

Tart red cherries in vanilla, no sugar added, low-fat ice cream

Strawberry Yogurt 

Low-fat, strawberry yogurt

Orange Sherbert

A cool crisp orange taste, a refreshing treat for any time of the year.

Michigan Pot Hole

Thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt

Rush Hour 

Coffee ice cream with caramel swirl, and chocolate- coffee candy chips

Cotton Candy Twist

Bright Blue cotton candy swirled with pink cotton candy nougat  

Black Cherry Yogurt

A black cherry flavored yogurt loaded with sweet black cherry halves

Carolina Peach 

Peach chunks in creamy, peach ice cream

Sea Turtle

Sea-salt caramel ice cream and salty caramel swirl, with chocolate-caramel turtles swimming about

Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie

Creamy peanut butter ice cream packed with fudgy brownies & drizzled with caramel

Mint Chocolate Chip 

Mint ice cream loaded with rich dark semi-sweet chocolate chips

Pineapple Sherbet

Pineapple flavored sherbet

Strawberry Cheesecake 

Cheesecake ice cream with strawberry ripple & chunks of traditional cheesecake chunks


Four of our best flavors: amaretto cherry, pistachio almond, dark chocolate & golden rum, plus a whipped cream swirl

Cow Tippin’

Fields of caramel-filled chocolate cups lying in sweet, vanilla ice cream, near a river of caramel


Vanilla Ice cream blended with real Oreo cookies, pieces & crumbs


Fluorescent lemon yellow, strawberry red & bubble gum blue ice cream

Raspberry Sorbet

A refreshing, non-dairy, non-fat raspberry dessert

Marion Blackberry

Fruity, blackberry ice cream layered with blackberry sauce

Bake Shoppe

Creamy, cookie dough ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough and fresh-baked brownie bites swirling with soft, chocolate fudge topping

Rainbow Sherbert

Orange, raspberry & lime sherberts all blended together for a truly refreshing taste

Dancing With the Stars 

Black Tuxedo chocolate ice cream with glittering stars dancing about, swirling with whipped cream

Unicorn Stars 

Purple vanilla ice cream whirled with blue frosting; sparkly, glitter-star candies; and magical sprinkles

Salted Caramel Pretzel 

A vanilla-flavored ice cream laced with salted caramel swirl and chocolate-covered mini pretzels


Creamy, cheesecake ice cream with crushed, Oreo cookies swirled in

Vegan/GF Chocolate

Banana Split 

Banana ice cream with strawberries and fudge pieces

Pie Overload 

Oreos, graham crackers, and a caramel swirl

Rocky Road

Thick milk chocolate ice cream filled with almonds and marshmallows

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